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Lars Spuybroek

Guest Lecturer

Lars Spuybroek (Rotterdam, 1959) is a Dutch architect and artist. He graduated cum laude at the Technical University Delft in 1989. A year later he won the Archiprix for his Palazzo Pensile, a new royal palace for Queen Beatrix in Rotterdam. Shortly after he started NOX-magazine with Maurice Nio. Since 1995 Lars Spuybroek is principal of the office which carries the name NOX and creates buildings and artworks.
Lars Spuybroek broke onto the international scene of architecture with his water pavilion on the island of Neeltje Jans (1993-1997), a building consisting of two halves of which he designed the silvery freshwater part. This form of blobitecture was later officially coined "non-standard architecture". This architecture advocates a technological revolution where powerful computing-tools are deployed to replace simple repetition of elements by continuous variation.
Though the projects seem very experimental, in interviews Lars Spuybroek always rejects a connection to futurism (which generally refers to the car- or filmindustry) or organicism (referring to natural forms) and only points at historical examples. Among these are Gottfried Semper’s Der Stil (1852), Wilhelm Worringer’s Form in Gothic (1911) and William Hogarth’s The Analysis of Beauty (1753).
He has a strong belief in the cultural effects of new technologies: "Soon it will be possible to have completely unique parts in a built structure for a price that before would only be possible through huge amounts of repetition - a variable prefab, or as it is called in production terms, mass customization. We are dissolving the opposition between elitist handwork and machined parts, between emotionality and high-tech, between Art Nouveau and Bauhaus."
Lars Spuybroek taught at the University of Kassel, Columbia University in New York and teaches at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.
(source: Wikipedia)
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