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Wim Marseille


Wim Marseille is Interior Architect and Furniture Designer in The Netherlands. 
His designs for furniture find their way to galleries, shops, manufacturers and projects. His work for several architecture offices in the domains of residential design, retail, hospitality and office design, brought him a vast experience in a variety of sub domains of the profession. His design work is accompanied by visionary texts that were used in catalogues, brochures and the mission statement of Food For Buildings.
From the start as a designer he is mostly interested in the relation of society and design. Research and reflection has become an ever more independent part of his design process. In these projects the design it selves first serves as a tool for investigation and eventually becomes a challenging representation. The themes he touches upon are simply like: perception, skin, movement or junction. But the link to a variety of contexts provides unexpected insights into the social or cultural developments. Currently he is focusing on international research projects that aim for an appropriate design processes in  modern global society.
Wim Marseille was born in 1961 and earned a BA in Interior Architecture at the Utrecht School of the Arts. His graduation work was awarded with a governmental stipend. In1989 he started as an independent designer ( He received certificates in both Management and Education. Since 1995 he teaches in the area of Design research, Furniture design and Architectural drawing. He cooperates in different knowledge networks like PREDESIGN and is regularly asked as member of juries and validating committees.