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Corline van Es

Guest Lecturer
Corline van Es is a social innovator. She studied modern history and music history at the University of Amsterdam. She is project manager and advisor on projects concerning social innovation, technology and society and innovation in governments.

For 4,5 years Corline van Es worked as a project manager for a think tank on social change called Kennisland, a.o. on learning and support programs for grassroot internet projects.
She is a now project manager for the Municipality of the Hague on e-participation and social media. She teaches social media, organisation and strategy for HKU and organizes workshops for various municipalities and Hivos, the Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation.

Within all these programs Corline van Es investigates and co-designs tools and methods for social change, and to exchange and spread good ideas.

She works with and in various national and international networks like Network Democracy, the Edgeryders, the Social Innovation Exchange, Pioneers and the open-coop.
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