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Mariana Pires Fernandes

second-hand fashion workshop

Second-hand, two hands. On the one hand anonymous and on the other they carry the mark and memory of those who used or wore them, of the societies that have created them, of the events they have witnessed. 
They thus lie somewhere between anonymity, souvenir and fetish. The path followed by these objects involves various kinds of sharing linked to exchange, ideas and people.
With current overall amount of existing goods,designers will be heirs of these products of past.  This reseach therefore tries to document what value changes happen to garments when redesigned.
A series of workshops was created with one aim: helping these products to become new, to become fashion again, to offer them a second-chance.   By creating collections with a clear concept, story and characteristic, the teams in these series of workshops use already used garments to learn and experiment different techniques of garment-making.