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Ling He

Memory, a code inside fashion

Memory, a code inside fashion

"In thinking of clothes as passing fashions, we repeat less than half-truth. Bodies come and go; the clothes which have received those bodies survive. They circulate though secondhand shops, through rummage sales, through the Salvation Army; or they are transmitted from parent to child, from sister to sister, from brother to brother, from sister to brother, from lover to lover, from friend to friend." (Peter Stallybrass, “Worn Worlds: Clothes, Mourning, and the Life of Things” The Yale Review 1993 vol. 81. no. 2, pp. 35-50)

Fashion is a cycle. Vintage could be the newest trends. Retro fashion reminds people of the past time and life. Your favorite clothes in wardrobe usually accompany you for a long journey in life - they are attached with the imprints of your body, while leave behind your different moods and memories. Memory is also the inspiration for designers, no matter it comes from the real experience, or the fabricated memory from human history.

In my project of fashion and memory, I tried to explore how memory reflects and influences on fashion by various forms, how memory endows fashion with profound meaning, and how memory could be transformed and create the new way to fashion communication.