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Bas Beerts

Fashion education in a paradoxical fashion system.
Dolce & Gabbana Ready to Wear SS2010 front row

Fashion education in a paradoxical fashion system.
As we are entering a new decade, fashion has become a democracy of sorts, the playing field is starting to even and allow anyone to make fashion his own. While the fashion houses are still evolving and innovating, they are not the only players in the game, just as the same five fashion magazines no longer decree the style of the day. Countless publications are devoted to style and culture. Instead of just a few perspectives we are now exposed to thousands.

Recent social and economical developments force fashion courses to rethink their curriculums.

Do you want to deliver the best designers in the world or designers that are up-to-date with the latest everything? Should there be a connection with the end product or is it all about the process?

In this context of a fast changing and democratized fashion industry, in which apparently everyone can be part of the system, one can question the curriculum of fashion courses: how should a fashion course anticipate the democratization of fashion while students will end up in an undemocratic fashion business?