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Ying Cao

Research of The fashion differences between Western world and China

The fashion differences between Western world and China

The fashion industry in China began to develop since 1950’s. The main reason can be attributed to the economic and social development after the civil war. Therefore, there was a big gap in fashion between the western world and China. However, with the growing economy and interaction with western world, the gap becomes smaller and smaller. The line between Chinese and western fashion is beginning to blur. 

Nowadays, Chinese Fashion Design is more closely linked to Western Fashion. Moreover, many Western luxury brands are focusing on developing and expanding the Chinese market. They even try to apply typical Chinese elements on their design works. One reason is that Chinese culture and traditional costume elements are mysterious and exotic to Westerners. Another reason is obvious because the huge market in China. 

Since the sense of Chinese aesthetic is quite different, the Western brands want to understand and integrate Chinese elements into their design works to meet the preferred needs of most Chinese people.


China and Western world have formed their own clothing systems based on their different social and cultural background. There exit many differences in fashion culture between Western countries and China. Western clothing style is bold and open, emphasizing individual character, while Chinese clothing style is implicit and restrained, emphasizing people's temperament and lingering charm.