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Maite Catti

Feeling Images


Feeling Images


We are now living in an experience economy where the tangible, the emotional and the experience is playing an increasing role in society. Translating this to images I would like to transform the flat fashion image into an image-experience. An experience where you not only see the situation but where you are involved in a way that you can even taste, hear or feel it.


In fashion photography it is becoming more and more important to drag and involve the viewer into the subject. To let them identify with the subject and let them 'feel' the situation instead of only look at a setting in an image.


I want to use fashion as a platform to tell a storyline where the clothes are used as a reinforcement of the story instead of being the subject. Therefor the medium of film with his use of sound and movement is a step further to give the viewer a more complete story of the situation.


In search of giving the public an image-experience that touches them and involves the use of several senses I will design installations. In these installations the viewer is not only an observer of an image but becomes a participant of the atmosphere that is shown.