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Lieke Zonnenberg


Graduation project 2007/2008


‘ To be really medieval one should have no body. To be really modern one should have no soul.’  (Oscar Wilde)

The popular trend in Western society is that we are our bodies, and the qualities assigned to them. It seems that if you have control over your body, you will have control over your life. Furthermore, in Western fashion the body seems to play an even larger role than clothing; clothes become inferior and are following the body.

A theoretical approach on fashion is the starting point of my graduation project, forming the basis for a translation of theoretical concepts in a fashion collection. This is an important step in my creative process. And the reason why I choose to do the master program at MaHKU.

In my opinion the relationship between body and clothes is disturbed.
Isn’t fashion in the end an interplay of body and clothes?

I believe the relationship between body and clothes should be strengthened by dialogue, something that lacks in Western aesthetics. My collection [un]morph reinforces this dialogue between them and subjectifies their relationship; dress works on the body, imbuing it with social meaning, while the body is a dynamic field that gives life and fullness to dress.

In my collection I created a shift from morph - body and clothes merge together and become one- to unmorph - clothing stands apart from the body, disconnecting her from her origin.

       Lieke Zonnenberg