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Renske Versluijs


The collection I OBJECT is based on my research on muslim women, fashion and the male gaze.
My main questions are:
- How do muslim women negotiate between their religious values around women's clothing and those of the 'West'. Islamic values around women's clothing are based on the private, Western fashion is focusses on the public.
- How do they use clothing to engage in discourse?
- What are their thoughts on women's clothing and the male gaze?
- How did emancipation influence western values around women's clothing?
- How to design a collection for women that is not a 'staging of the male gaze', but one that controls the gaze?
The outcome of my research led to a collection that is not based on general western fashion aesthetics, but deals with femininity and the male gaze in a new way. To achieve this, I use texture, colour and silhouette.