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Maud Neuvel


After the whistle blows anything goes...?

Women in the Netherlands already had half a decade active rights for voting, when the KNVB (royal Dutch soccer bond) decided that they could play organised soccer. One of the theories of the KNVB was that it would damage the good reputation of soccer, when women decided to get on the fields. And then those clothes! What should these ladies wear, when they get on the fields?

Nowadays there is as much interest in soccer as in hockey for women. Soccer is one of the fastest growing sports for women in Europe. Women soccer is getting more and more attention. FIFA- president Sepp Blatter once already said: "The future of soccer is up to the ladies".

Despite that women soccer has gone through such a positive development, some things haven't changed. Like what should these ladies wear when they get on the fields?

By creating a (fashion) brand for women who are playing soccer I'd like to give them an identity. By creating apparel especially for women. We want to be taken serious, we want to be seen. Soccer for women should be a lifestyle. Cause there are so many positive things about soccer for women. So we can show the world who we are and that soccer is also a sport played successfully by women.

By reading the article from Laura Mulvey ("Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema") I also noticed that women who play soccer/ sports are still being looked upon as sexual object rather than professional sportsperson. So gender still has a big influence on sports. Men and women don't have the same chances in sport. What is the role that gender plays in sport? How is it possible in these modern times women are not taken serious in their sport? What is the role of the media in this? Is there a chance that in the future this will change?

And thinking about sports and gender, soccer-playing women still wear mens apparel. How should the identity of woman playing soccer look like? Do you want to be taken seriously or being seen as a woman? Can it be both? Want do you want your clothes say about you while you play soccer?

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