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Marloes de Jong

[Y]our place is My space

I was researching how fashion brands advertise themselves in a post-modern society with a bunch of magazines.  
I discovered the Burberry and Louis Vuitton fall winter advertisements in Februarys Vogue, which directly made me think.
Burberry did not give the image that they usually show. The black and white picture with a background in the fall was in large contrast with the pages in front of me. Since when is Burberry so focused on young people? Who are they? And why is Louis Vuitton advertising, which is also in the same price class, with the po  good old supermodels?
I asked Google, and enter a world what I used to ignore. The fashion blogs and forums.

It appears that Burberry uses a so-called Boom box Crowd, a new sub cultural movement in the underground-scene whats happening in London, following the popular New Blitz Kids from the eighties.

There is also a new sub cultural movement in the Netherlands. Last summer, Code magazine let them drive to Berlin in a van full of clothing, to have a fotoshoot under the name The Million Dollar Kids.  They call themselves the My space kids  Jeoen Boschma calls them Generation Einstein,  others the Internet generation . However, I prefer calling them Generation C (Creative, content sensitive and change) .
These kids are described as the future, seen through the eye of marketing. Not only the boys from the van to Berlin but also the ones born from off 1988.

Move over Generation X, make place for the next generation. Smarter, faster and more social. The ones that are raised with Internet and a cell phone in their pocket, 24/7 online and a network where most of us can only dream about. They know what we want to know.

These kids are eagerly used in magazine world. Almost every magazine has a so-called member group for this target group.
Nylon Magazine published its own MySpace issue, and every month ID Magazine shows on a page what is happening on the web.
 I read a lot about young people in magazines, but how far would the communication for these kids go through Internet?