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Anna Lindeman


Sardinia is an island with a lot of traditions. Every place has it's own costume. No other Italian region has as many costumes as Sardinia. The people proudly preserve their costumes as these costumes hold the secrets of each group identity and represent the living evidence of each culture.

Visitors that go to Sardinia will have a journey that is evocative and full of surprises. It is a journey through time, to the roots and the mysterious origins of simple people, who are rich in creativity and fantasy. It is a journey to discover the thousands of secrets that are hidden in the ancient traditional costumes.

I want to translate the traditional costume of Sardinia to a modern western look. I want to do this very literally. Only were the Sardinians use heavy fabrics with dark colours, I want to create a contrast by using light, thin fabrics in light colours.

You should get the feeling that the wearer of my clothes has swum from the island to the main land. She is still wearing the clothes that have survived the great influence of the washing water. It is the traditional costume, bare and stripped down.

I want to unravel the identity of the Sardinian people.