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Nora van den Berge


The culture of denim jeans
The main area I research is the culture of the denim jeans. Its place and role in our society. An icon that was a success for decades and still is. A basic piece of clothing for everyman, regardless sex, wealth or origin. Apparently it does not suffer from recessions or change of taste. I wonder why so many companies nowadays invest in the denim jeans, and are confident of its (lasting) success. For this reason and for many others I want to study its image.

I like also to reinterpret the jeans with questions like: Is it a typical 'new world' phenomenon? What is the role of styling and the context it is placed in? I like to study different brands and their different marketing strategies. And the reasons why people choose to wear jeans. What people, when and how. A focus on details for example; why is the colour indigo favourite? Researching its shape, material, colour, stitching, styling, wearer, price, production, time and place. And finally, a look at the definition of jeans. What is a jeans and what is not.