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Marjolein Salari


Fashion is a visual language that people employ to communicate with each other. It is about creating an identity in response to the culture we live in. Global factors such as increased mobility and greater communications (internet!) play decisive roles in how we dress ourselves. If you look in the streets nowadays, almost everyone is wearing the same. Because of big fashion brands such as H&M, Zara, Mango, Vero Moda and many others, fashion has become uniform, whereby we lose our individuality!

As a reaction to this global identity the world is creating nowadays (and not only in fashion!), I want to design a collection inspired by my own culture: that of the Dutch!
A collection to show what the Netherlands truly means to me, stripping down its fundamental vocabulary: its spirit translated into a twenty-first-century, world-wide context.

No other country in the world is as much a product of planning and regulation as the Netherlands. Virtually the entire Dutch landscape is man-made, only four percent of the country consists of 'original' natural landscapes. The Dutch passion for order and regulation can become sometimes suffocating, the landscape a symbol of uniformity. Everything is so terribly organized, ordered and structured! I'm afraid that in such a well-ordered landscape as this, creativity itself may be forced into a straitjacket of normality ('just act normal, that's crazy enough'- one of the most popular sayings in Dutch). This gives the individual little opportunity to excel, to be anything more than average, or to show his true identity.
In many areas 'new' landscapes are being created by cutting dykes and dunes, to allow the waterways to retrace their natural course. It allows the landscape to become unique and unpredictable again. I want to use this contradiction of Orderliness versus Chaos (structure vs deconstruction) as the main theme in my collection. How can someting be a paradise if everything has been designed right down to the last centimetre? We need to let go of this forced and constructed way of thinking. After all, real beauty lies in imperfection.

'I wish my life to be grand and dramatic.
But not today, I think I'll wait a while.'

Marjolein Salari