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Anouk Solleveld


Reports in the media make us believe that the world is increasingly growing more unsafe. We deprive the earth of its raw materials and next we are afraid of environmental disasters. We are beset by deadly illneses and terrorists and at the same time the government stirs up the spiral of violence by constantly feeding our fears with made-up enemy images. All over the world politicians know exactly how to profit from these feelings of fear. On top of all this we are also living in an economic recession which makes us vulnerable as an individual.

In uncertain times the need arises for people to protect themselves. We take back a step to make way for society and we tend to draw back into our cosy homes. A balance is sought between making career and relaxing the body and mind. Products that help you relax grow very popular. This illustrates that matters which concern whole population groups are recognizable in the way people behave as a consumer.

Not only does all this have an impact on consumer behavior, it also influences the commercial strategies in the advertising industry. I am going to do research in the history of fashion advertising structures. How did they develop in the past and why?

The project is also a way to clear for myself why I study fashion. This has always been difficult for me because with everything happening in the world I often thought it ignorant to just make
" things. Therefore I would also like to develop new advertising strategies myself. Ways to communicate social messages through fashion. I think fashion always reaches a lot of people and that it could be the perfect medium to raise awareness.

Anouk Solleveld
Fashion promotion & publicity