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Yoad David Luxembourg

David Luxembourg - The Volution, Fashion & Semiotics

'Fashion is a language. In any other language words carry a meaning, words are used to communicate and to express. In fashion everyone is busy screaming and shouting, Expression has become such overkill, and no one ever takes the time to speak.'

Considered as a high edge conceptual designer, Yoad David Luxembourg places his attention on crossing borders and breaking boundaries where ever they can be found. His work, interdisciplinary, is composed out of elaborate mixtures of philosophy, psychology, photography and the many fields of art and design.

Arriving in the Netherlands in 1999, Luxembourg (already disciplined in architecture and graphic design) has attended the Design Academy in Eindhoven, graduating with honors in the summer of 2004 and with a new inventive approach to design. His projects, then and also today, deal with fashion, human interactivity, intellect, fantasy and with our capacity as social creatures to deal and perceive the world around us.

In 2005/6 Luxembourg continued his journey through the world of design. This time diving deeper into the discipline of fashion design, while completing his master studies in Utrecht’s post graduate school of arts (MA/HKU). The resulting collection and the theoretical work that is behind it have marked him as one of Holland’s most promising design/fashion talents in 2006:

“…Fantasy. Something that Luxembourg with his sum of 20 designs made in test cotton knew all about. Models- running around like monkeys, the aggressive looking outfits and the heads- tucked and covered with the same unbroken color; all played a large role and a strengthening component at the presentation of his collection. With a theme like “Volution”, where modish quality has escaped, Luxembourg embodied the pleasure of creating and the innocence of a talented student with guts.” web portal

“With his playful monkey collection made out of test cotton, Luxembourg definitely had the intention to shock or at least to astonish. He did a surprising anti fashion statement that forces you to think. In that perspective Luxembourg jumps literally and figuratively from the total level of graduated talents this year. His design background comes from the design academy Eindhoven. This collection came into existence during his master studies in Utrecht”

Source: Items Magazine
The Items End Exams Selection issue, the best of 2006, October 2006, page 72
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The Volution:

A series of studies into the creation of the human form. A conceptual collection that sets out to appeal to the mind in a time where most fashion collections appeal only to an aesthetic instinct.

The collection itself is a series of 20 items which are related to one another by a progressing process of development and evolution, as each out come (study) in the series is a logical research into the previous one.

As a series of fashion studies into the creation of the human form many aspects of human evolution were taken into effect in the design, process and progress of this collection:

From the first squirrel like ancestor, that walked on its 4 feet, through the first apes with their long arms and low body balance, followed by the 'Paranthropus Robustus' with its large intestines, ridged skeleton and extend bone surface for stronger muscles and ending almost at birth of prehistoric men with the 'Paranthropus Boisei' the first man-ape that knew how to cook, many of the structural & 'designed' characteristics of these human ancestors were implemented in the design process of the outfits of the series together with other biology and human aspects like the golden cut, stem cells symmetry and the development of the human fetus.
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About the Photos/Illustrations:

'I have taken a direct and aggressive approach towards fashion with the theoretical part of this project, pin pointing the things that really bother me the most in it and the things that I don't want to do (or repeat).

Many of my choices (like Faceless models & photogenic fabric) in the practical part of the project resulted from this attitude. And eventually besides using the collection itself to prove my point about the 'Volution' as a design/study tool in the thesis I also want to communicate the starting point for my Master study through the collection and its outfits. '

The photography & illustration series to the right  is called 'Fashionable Arguments' and is featuring some of the questions that set up the attitude for this project in its start:

Q1 - The Photo-Model:

Not may people realize it, but the photo models that we see, adore and admire every few pages in any given magazine are such a 2 dimensional thing.

Q2 - TV Media:

From 'FashionTV' to the 'Runaway Project' the relationship between fashion and television is like a modern egg and chicken, or chicken and egg thing:

Did TV media took over fashion first or was fashion the first to take over the television?

Q3 - The Printed Media:

Fashion has always been coupled with the linguistic science of semiotics, yet today it seams that the only direct connection between fashion and languages exist in lifestyle, beauty and (aber-natuerlich!) fashion magazines.

However, the more you read about it the more you realize that fashion is less & less about what people do and more & more about what people think.

Q4 - 'Shoe-welry':

Looking in retro perspective on brands like Nike, All-star & Adidas, it's amazing how a functional thing such as a shoe ever became a fancy piece of jewelry.

Q5 - Fashion Now What(?):

The dressing up of past styles & trends for future masses and then selling it back to them as the new 'now', has become the trade mark method of so many brands that we have to stop and ask ourselves if there is really such a thing as contemporary fashion in the 21st century?

Q6 - "It's Good to be The King!":

Speaking about that money making cycle and future consumer masses which power it, did you ever ask yourself why do you go shopping? Is it the act of choosing the best items for your wardrobe? Is it the service and attention you get? Is it the prestige you'll receive by being the first to wear fashion's latest creations? Will all this make you feel superior over your fellow individuals? And after thinking about it will you consider yourself as a member of the new modern aristocracy, a royalty of the bourgeois?

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