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Itumeleng Moeti

Afro-Fusion Fashion

Africa, its culture, textiles and traditions contain a wealth of inspiration.  
Within the diverse African cultures there is a plethora of sumptuous vibrant fabrics. Every fabric has a history, a tale to tell. Unfortunately these fabrics are under-utilized and mostly reserved for the use of traditional attire. Because of their outspoken energy and appearance, I believe they can be used for so much more. I would like to see the authenticity and inspiration of African textiles become more prominent in everyday life.   
I believe that African Fashion has the potential to become a worldwide way of life. 

During my study I intend to delve into the world of cultural-contemporary fashion design. Some of the avenues I will be exploring are:     - The history of its textiles and African textile innovation   - Crafting techniques  - African influences in European fashion   - The current African Fashion industry    
My aim will be to create innovative African inspired fashion with modern, contemporary silhouettes. This involves taking design elements that are traditionally associated with Africa (the fabrics, styling, and garment construction techniques) and incorporating them into contemporary designs. The end product will be modern innovative silhouettes combined with the wealth of culture and intricate design.

I see this study as an opportunity to explore my local industry in South Africa and my continents history. The anticipated outcomes of my research will be a deeper understanding of African culture, the meanings and concepts behind local fashion and traditions and a manifesto for the birth of a new brand.