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Bojan Sivački

Nation Branding

Imbalance between the image of the subject emitted outwards
and the actual identity resources – complex basis of the identity
and its perception from “outside”, limited by the communication
channels and means used.
Vast wealth of the state, cultural and natural heritage is often
limited with framework brand that should send a signal about
the subject.

Experiences I had so far, projects that are engaged in branding
cities and regions, and segments of national promotions,
along with insight into the events in this area in some other
countries, I have noticed some problems that I think, from the
standpoint of the country’s identity is quite important.

Stereotypes about the destination are usually created by informal
websites and social networks. Official brands break through which
in its reductionism often does not manage to articulate  a proper or
desirable image. Official brands also fail to convey the message about
the specifics that make up the identity of a nation.

Heterogeneity of components makes the potential wealth of identity,
but makes coding of this wealth of diversity in to a single formula
or character (that could symbolize the essence) incredibly difficult.

Relationship between national and regional brands which de facto
does not exist is the second part of the problem. There is no system
that would link people to identify with the region and with the state.
Without such identification, of course with knowledge of their identity,
there is no genuine participation of every man in the European and
global multicultural exchange.

Semantic reduction in the exchange of information is of course essential,
and a consensus that the individual is “over-communicated” and that
over-simplified message is the only way to come to his attention exists.
But I think it is possible to design a system by which the wealth and
multilayered identity of the country can give a sufficiently clear idea
about it even in a situation of a maximal compression of a content.