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Anggana Puspita

Magazine for Girls

Magazine has been one of the most popular communication media nowadays. Various kind of magazine published for various kind of reader. For my thesis, I'm interested in doing a research about magazine for girls. Girls I would talk about in my thesis are girls between the age of 9 to 12 years old. Regular girls which are still having their childhood life but at the same time having interests of being older than their own age, wanting to be teenagers. Combining those two sides of their life and interests is my main interest.

My approach for this project would be about how to find a language to communicate the information these girls need and want to know. A visual language that they can accept and a visual language to transfer the information in a way it should be transfered to this kind of target audience.

Research Area

* Target Group   : social research
* Existing magazine   : comparing and analyzing
* Psychology area   :
   - The characteristic of this target group
   - What do they need?
   - What do they like?
   - What should they get at this age?
   - What is the impact of getting more information than they should know at younger age?