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Idan Gal


What is your research (essay) about?
*My research focuses on the term bad taste, attempting to decipher what actually it is through examining various fundamental questions. Is bad taste dictated by internal or external forces outside the realm of the spectator? Is it connected to a temporal or geographical setting? Which are the fields in which it bursts into life? and whether it be possible for the designer to employ it as a professional tool?
Through careful observation at various disciplines which bad taste is an integral part of, I was able to map this phenomena and recognize the conventions regarding it. My main focal point was on the graphic design field, with a link to cinema, plastic arts and music, whereas my aim was the transformation of this knowledge into a systematic tool that would help the designer on his daily work.

Which findings do you consider most important?
*Bad taste has tremendous impact on our life and our choices. Since bad taste is signified by many symbols and linked to so many topics around us, the real power of bad taste is that people are not Apathetic to it. In addition, bad taste encourages our passion driving us to take a stand, whether we like it or not, indicating the enormous power and effect one can obtain from the accurate harnessing of bad taste.

An important finding of this study is that the bad taste phenomena is relative and mainly depends upon time and space. That which is defined in one culture as bad taste or even taboo could very well be another culture’ gold standard and that which appears today as bad taste could tomorrow evolve to be exquisite. This implies to the evolution of taste and the selective powers guiding it, indicting once more to the incredible potential attainable by deciphering bad taste (for settings fashions or implanting ideas).

Do you currently use the research findings?
*Today when I work as an art director in advertising agency the knowledge that I have gained regarding bad taste aids me in understanding the reality around me, enabling me to create a more accurate design with a better targeted message. As for myself, I find it crucial to be as original and brave with my graphic solutions as I possibly can, letting go of my fears of choosing the unpopular solution- bad taste.

How do you look back at the year at MaHKU?
*The year at MaHKU opened my mind to a new ways of thinking about graphic design, the emphasize on improving the professional skills both in the design process and on the marketing part (presentations for example) together with meeting remarkable teachers and students from all around the world, made this year at Utrecht enriching and unforgettable.

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