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Melissa Núñez

In the Search of the Melodic Tool: How can music help graphic design?

In the Search of the Melodic Tool: How can music help graphic design?

The importance of this emerges as we seek constantly for new tools that may serve our practice, since a designer’s toolbox can never be full and, noticing the presence of music in most designers’ environment, it is only natural to aspire to know how can it be useful to us.

This research looks at graphic design through its most immediate and obvious beneficiary: the graphic designer. Considering the graphic designer as the hub of activity (recipient of stimuli, storage of associations, incubator of ideas, generator of emotions and central command to coordinate physical actions like hand movements) guides us to understand that it is within this hub that both music and graphic design directly interact.

Even though the field of study involving music and the brain and mind, is relatively new, there have been important findings in the last 20 years approximately of research in this area, yet the absence of research on the relationship of music-brain-visual expression urges me to state that further research must be done into this area.

The discussion and experimentation must be continued amongst graphic designers about their relationship to music, because it is through this constant dialog, sharing and exploration of personal experiences, preferences and habits, that we can gain personal and collective insight on how it can best serve us as a tool that can give assistance or support, make more pleasant, be of use, further in the advancement of, bring out the best of our talent or even change graphic design for the better… in other words, how can music help graphic design.