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Putri P. Sadiqah

Explaining Infographics in Infographics and Comics

Infographics designers have to fully understand what infographics are to be able to create an effective one. It’s a designer’s job to serve the viewer’s needs for information. Scott Mcloud has made an incredible book about Understanding Comics. He explains how do comics work by comics it self. It makes the reader easily understand the content while enjoying the fully illustrated book. Comics also made to tell a story, as well as infographics. There are strong connections between comics and infographics, how do they tell story within sequences. Combining words and images are the best way to convey information. This method that comics use, could be combined with the method infographics to create the best way explain how do infographics work.

The purpose of this research is to find a method to provide information about infographics in the more fun and friendly way but yet can give a great amount of information. The visual project hopefully not only can give the reader insight of what are infographics, but also make the viewers delighted and amused while reading the book.

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