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Maya Aujla


Global Warming as a Sustainable Approach

In the last few hundreds of years and since the industrial revolution there has been an increase in a number of environmental problems all over the world. With the increase in air pollution and decline of biodiversity, there is a crucial need to address these issues on a large scale. These are just a few of the environmental problems we are currently fighting, but what about global warming and the dumping of hazardous wastes? It is imperative that the public be aware of the damages they are causing to their environment. If they continue to live their lives in a wasteful manner there will not be much of a healthy environment left for future generations. If people are aware of these serious environmental issues, why do they continue to ignore the signs? What is it going to take for people to change their destructive habits? Why are people continuing to contribute to global warming when they are aware of the severity of the damages? What is the best method to communicate this knowledge to the public?