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Ignacio Carmona


Design as a tool for the empowerment
of producers from underexposed cultures
to participate in a global world.

I believe the information and control of media streams only come from one side. From the economically strong cultures who make a big contrast of exposed in media

Is really necessary create communication for the underexposed small producers in order to improve their sustainable development and be exposed his demands and fairs.

But also the consumers are never involve in the production of meanings in media. When we buy products we trust the brand (overexposed) that offers us the products and do not consider its producer (under exposed).

My work proposal is to create communication between the consumer and producers by informing and involving the consumers in the productive process. By doing so the qualities and advantages of the products from small producers will be exposed and the consumers will discover that they can also have a say on quality, design and origin of the products they consume, they will have a voice in what they consume.

They need to be more than the spectator in the globalization, they need to begin to be present in the local and global media and markets, and systems like the Internet are the most viable for this.

Now is the time to create a market based on local sustainable development, with direct participation in social projects. Investing in a better quality of life for others and oneself. The sustainability of the local and global communities lies in their capacity to mutual development, having as a starting point the equity of information and diffusion.