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Frequently Asked Questions

The Student Handbook
Many questions are answered in the Ma Fine Art Student Handbook. Download it here

What are the programme dates?    
The one-year fulltime MaHKU programme starts the first week of September. It ends the last week of August.    

What degree requirements do I need to attend MaHKU?

Our Master programmes are open to graduated BA-students in relevant disciplines. For more information, check the programme of your discipline.
How about language requirements?

If English is your native language, you need to be able to demonstrate sufficient command of the English language through:
  • a TOEFL test (minimum score needed: TOEFL iBT 85)
  • an IELTS test (minimum score needed: 6.0)

How much is the tuition fee?

The course fee for the academic year 2014-2015 is € 9250. This fee includes tuition, registration and examination. The fee does not include artist's or academic materials.

Can I get a grant or scholarship?

MaHKU does not make any grants or scholarships available. Foreign students are advised to apply for grants awarded in their home countries. Information about grants and scholarships can also be found on the website of the Netherlands organization for international cooperation in higher education: The MA Fine Art programme is eligible for the Netherlands Fellowship Programme 

Can I work while attending MaHKU?

The MaHKU MA Fine Art programme is fulltime. Some students work part-time, but remember that such work has to be compatible with the programme. Before you can work, you need to have your residence permit card, and your employer has to get you a work permit. Under Dutch legislation most foreign students are allowed to work for a maximum of 10 hours a week.

Can MaHKU help me with my visa?

HKU provides an accelerated procedure to apply for visa. The deadline for this procedure is July 1st.

Can MaHKU help me find a place to live?

HKU does not have a campus system. The HKU's Student Service Centre provides a mediation service; for a fee it will help you find a room. Alternatively you may try to find a room yourself in a student house in town. 

How about living expenses?

Apart from the tuition fee, you will need money to cover the cost of accommodation, food, travel, insurance, books, travel and other expenses while studying at MaHKU. An average single graduate student at MaHKU spends € 10.000. However, lifestyles and circumstances of students vary considerably so this is merely a guideline.

Will I need health insurance?

Yes, you will need health insurance. For this and other practical matters, check with the HKU's Student Service Centre.