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MAD! [Make a Difference!]

From all over the world Spatial Design students have drifted to the Dutch shores. They brought personal issues and cultural contexts—matters they were confronted with, couldn’t avoid, or were simply fascinated by. Improving daily life, help solving difficult questions, or adding quality where an opportunity can be found: in each case spatial design will make a difference. How and in what way is the subject of exploration, research, and direction. Eleven proposals for a better life.

Participants: Ana Abashidze, Xenia Armao, Mita Daradasih, Pembe Birinci, Olga van Lingen, Otto Paans, Bambang Pramono, Federico Violato, Anneroos van Vredendaal, Cui Xun, Meng Zhang.

Public event in the context of the Day of Architecture: 23 June 2012.
Curator Arjen Oosterman
Location Aorta, Achter de Dom 14, Utrecht